I’m a programmer and a geek at heart. This blog is basically a chronicle of my adventures in the fields of technology and programming.

I’m an ardent Linux user, Ubuntu Arch Linux Debian being my distro of choice. My coding-related interests vary from Android, to web applications, to the good ol’ desktop. All of my open-source work is up on Github. I also nurture a fledgling interest in user-interface and experience design. I’m occasionally active on Twitter.

Other than the above, I’m an avid reader of fictional work (mostly fast-paced suspense, fantasy, and historical fiction), with a bit of non-fiction now and again — ranging all the way from genetics, to economics, to astronomy, to history. I maintain a rather active Goodreads profile.

This blog runs on Jekyll, and the source is up on GitHub. Also, the design and source code are partially derived from Jon Smajda’s blog.

The name of the blog is a tribute to xkcd comic #327.